BAM launches YDP in Kalafaanu School

YDP in Kalafaanu School

YDP in Kalafaanu School

Badminton Association launched the Youth Development programme for schools of male’ city starting with kalafaanu school today and will be closely working with all schools in male throughout the year as part of talent hunting for juniors and a step towards sustainable development of badminton for future generations.

Ahmed Shakir Moosa (VP) Fathuhulla Waheed (exco member) and Ahmed Athif (exco member) will be handling the school project for BAM.

National squad practices 2017 resumes with new coach


National squad 2017 with new coach Faizal

#badminton going for gold 2019

After the departure of highperfomance trainer Mr.shankar  Badminton National squad resumes practices with the newly assignef coach Faizal from Indonesia.

The main task line for him will be the project #badminton going for gold IOIG 2019.